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Secluded Gardens Landscape Design Company

Serving residential clients in Billings and surrounding communities.

Rustic, casual or formal, Secluded Gardens offers landscape design services that will transform your property into a haven for relaxation and entertainment.

Secluded Gardens provides residential landscape design services for our customers.

Landscape design is the process we use to define the exterior of our homes. Garden style should compliment the architecture of the house and the people who live in it. In addition to beautification, landscaping should make your property more functional. With the use of patios, ornamental trees, shrubs, perennials, and site accessories, a good landscape design will define outdoor rooms, open spaces, and create private hideaways.

Landscape designers are specifically trained in creating functional and aesthetic outdoor spaces. As designers, we strive to find a balance between what is appealing to our customers and what would make their outdoor experience more enjoyable. Color preferences, textures, scents, style, and use of the space is all taken into consideration when Secluded Gardens creates a landscape master plan.

Just looking for a quick consultation or Planting Advice?

Secluded Gardens offers a residential consultation for $125. Our designer will come to your property and meet with the homeowners for up to 1.5 hours. After listening to your concerns and desires for the property, we will make recommendations for your property. We will also make suggestions for planting beds, appropriate plants, and maintenance tips. If you need more than a consultation, Secluded Gardens will create a residential master plan for your property.  Call today to set up an appointment with our designer.


We specialize in creating intimate outdoor spaces for our residential customers.  Call today to schedule a consultation with our designer or get started with a master plan for your property.

Our Portfolio

It's our pleasure to share images of installed landscapes designed by Secluded Gardens.  View the slide show below to see the scope and variety of our designs.

Our History

We've been creating custom landscape designs and master plans for residential customers since 1997.  We also offer lectures and a landscape design course for homeowners.