Art Lover's Garden

A mix of artistic and unique items highlight this one of a kind garden.  Our customer had many pieces of artwork she wanted incorporated into her garden.  We used her artwork and existing plants in a redesign of the backyard.  We created pathways and sitting areas for friends to gather and watch a life size game of chess.

Rustic Fireplace

This small backyard features a paver patio with sitting walls and a rustic fireplace. A Japanese Cut-leaf Maple offers good color contrast to the green plants along the walkway. An intimate patio space for outdoor entertaining at it's best.


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Natural Garden Steps

It's a steep slope from the driveway to the backyard. Keeping in tune with the surrounding properties, the clients wanted to create a naturalistic staircase to access the backyard. Using small garden steppers, we created a staircase in the slope with gardens on either side. An arbor at the driveway marks the entrance of the staircase. As you wind your way down the slope there are flowering shrubs and perennials blooming throughout spring and summer. At the bottom, you arrive at a small paver patio off the basement sliding doors. Another path meets up with the steps for the second story deck.

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​Completed Projects - Gallery 2

Here are some completed installations designed by Secluded Gardens.  We have a full range of projects from large formal terraces with in-ground spas to small landscaping plans.  A brief description of the project will give you an introduction to the features of each site.  Photo captions will give added details.  Don't forget to visit the other Gallery page to see more landscape design installations.

Shady Retreat

This shady retreat features a wooden pergola with a green roof of Wisteria and Trumpet Vine. This is what pergolas are made for! A perfect poolside retreat. The shade is so dense from the Wisteria foliage that it feels air conditioned when sitting underneath the pergola. In addition to the welcomed coolness on a hot summer day, it also shields you from the sun and provides a dry area during summer rainy days. The Wisteria pods hang below the foliage and offer an interesting textural focal point when sitting in his shady retreat.